Architectural Glass Doors with Aluminum Framing


Simple to Elaborate


Aluminum doors open a world of versatility and possibility to designers. Available in a wide variety of finish options, these doors allow the introduction of creative and stunning design within virtually any budget.

  • Finish options include – painted, anodized, and even clad with a multitude of architectural metals.
  • Profiles include ultra-thin VP1500 (1 ½” face), Narrow style (2 ½”), medium style (3 ½”), wide style (5”), and even a solid flush panel door option.
  • Pivoting options are abundant – center pivots, offset pivots, and even butt hung.
  • Pull hardware options are as endless as the design professional’s vision.
  • Locks can be mounted in the bottom, top or center of the door.
  • Some systems utilize locks located in the floor, ceiling or jamb of the frame.
  • Glass options are almost unrestricted – clear, etched, laminated, translucent, opaque, and even marker board surfaces.

Configurations can Include:


Ultra Thin VP1500
Narrow Style
Medium Style
Wide Style
Stainless Steel Cladding as a Finish


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