Structural Glass & Metal Doors Create Design Solutions


Innovative Design is Elemental


Available in a wide array of finishes, metal doors add an element of sophistication and elegance to previously expected door designs. Durability and visual intrigue come together in one very strong statement of beautiful functionality.

  • Architectural metal doors are available in swinging and sliding options.
  • Finish options include polished, satin, brushed, orbital, and graffiti finish on any architectural metal.
  • Pivoting options are abundant, center pivots, offset pivots, and even butt hung.
  • Pull hardware options are as endless as the design professional’s vision.
  • Locks can be mounted in the bottom, top or center of the door.
  • Some systems utilize locks located in the floor, ceiling or jamb of the frame.

Configurations can Include:


Swing Doors
Sliding Doors
Center Pivoted


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