Composite Architectural Glass Panels


Low Maintenance with Consistency


This unique alternative to conventional etched glass provides the elegance of etching without the cleaning and maintenance problems associated with these surfaces. By concealing the etched designs within, the finished product is protected from the wear and tear of public contact.

Densities are consistent over the entire surface of glass with our complete computerized technology, unlike that of conventional etching. The creative team at CAP Architectural works in conjunction with the designer to develop customized designs in glass that reflect the client’s unique vision.

Monolithic Glass Panels


This etched glass product line offers the same customized technology for patterns as our etched composite panels. The etched surfaces are sealed with our proprietary sealant that is backed with a guarantee to resist fingerprints and not to yellow with age or exposure to UV rays.


CAP Architectural is a subsidiary company of Consolidated Armor Products, LLC.