Specialty Glass Etching


Computerized Etched Glass (Monolithic & Composite Assembly)


Our automated equipment is designed to produce intricate designs that can be reproduced without variance. This unique technology offers the following options:

  • Solid Etching
  • Patterns
  • Varying levels of opacity
  • Multiple densities in patterns
  • Gradations

Computerized and Master Crafted

CAP Architectural etched glass fabrication will transform your creative ideas into reality utilizing computerized equipment. Designs can be created in house, from camera-ready artwork. They can also be created from a variety of computer file formats such as AutoCad, JPEG, AI, EPS, and more to reflect individual creativity and imagination that will compliment any interior or exterior design scheme.

Master craftsmen at CAP Architectural have been creating beautiful custom-designed etched, carved glass art since 1995. As an etched glass manufacturer, we create magnificent architectural elements such as glass doors, glass sliding doors, glass entry systems, partition walls, wall cladding for commercial spaces, elevator walls, and structural glass.

Considering projects are very diverse in nature, we provide advice on any unusual glass related requirement as needed. We will also fabricate or manufacture any design you envision.

– Our monolithic etched line is sealed with VisionGuard, our proprietary non-yellowing, non-deteriorating sealant.

– Our composite panel line encases the computerized etching within the panel to further protect the sparkle only etching can create.


CAP Architectural is a subsidiary company of Consolidated Armor Products, LLC.