Specialty Glass Flooring


Clean & Elegant

Craft meets elegance in an act of sublime invisibility. Pin mounted stairs fashion the most sophisticated of architectural lines. Low iron glass enhances the degree of invisibility, creating a masterpiece of subtle functionality and discreet beauty.

  • Clean architectural lines
  • Extreme versatility allows for mounting on many substrates.
  • Installs quickly, no messy grout or silicone.
  • Completely clear sight line — low iron glass increases the degree of invisibility.
  • Mounting buttons are customizable as to size, shape, and finish.
  • Top caps, if required are available in a wide array of shapes, sizes and finishes.
  • Glass options are unlimited (must be tempered or tempered laminated for added safety)
  • Glass thicknesses range from a minimum of 1/2” to a maximum of 1 5/8”.
  • Systems are fully tested, exceeding building code standards.
  • Custom engineering is available for new configurations.

Configurations Can Include:

Tempered Glass
Laminated and Tempered Glass
Etched Glass
Handrail Options

CAP Architectural is a subsidiary company of Consolidated Armor Products, LLC.