Glass Sliding Doors: Less Space, More Impact


Limited space does not have to mean limited design. Sliding doors offer an expansive world of possibilities and demand 80% less space than conventional swing doors.

  • Sliding doors are the obvious choice when space is limited and valuable – a typical 36” swing door takes up at least 9 square feet of an office, a sliding door requires only 1.5 square feet
  • Doors can be constructed from many materials including aluminum, all glass, stainless steel, wood, or even acrylic.
  • Multiple finishes are available in all of the door types.
  • Pull hardware options are as endless as the design professional’s vision.
  • Locks can be mounted in the bottom, top or center of the door.
  • Some systems utilize locks located in the floor, ceiling or jamb of the frame.
  • Glass options are almost unrestricted, clear, etched, laminated, translucent, opaque, and even marker board surfaces.

Configurations can Include:


Aluminum Sliding
All Glass Sliding
Ultra Thin VP.0875
Architectural Metal Doors


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