Specialty Glass is Our Specialty


Available in an infinite array of colors, metallic and pearlescent finishes, custom graphics, and textured glass. CAP Architectural laminated glass is just one example of specialty glass that creates dramatic statements. Our graphic and image laminate processes enable us to combine a wide array of decorative glass and interlayers into safety glass and panels.

Etched Glass: Making the First Impression


CAP Architectural pioneered computerized etching in the US and was the first to make multiple densities, gradations, and patterns available in high production. Using a multitude of industry standard techniques, we are able to create custom pieces to match your project goals. We coat each exposed etched surface with VisionGuard, a proprietary non-yellowing, non-deteriorating sealant, to protect it for long-lasting beauty. We also offer a composite version that conceals the etched surface inside for complete maintenance free installations.

Structural Glass in a Variety of Forms


From film, textile, metal, or computerized etching, CAP Architectural composite panel products encapsulate a variety of products into panels. These products are assembled with tempered safety glass for use in framed or structural applications; can be used as a glass railing, glass walls, or even glass flooring.


CAP Architectural is a subsidiary company of Consolidated Armor Products, LLC.