Lorenze & Williams


Turner Construction, Columbus, Ohio


Dayton, Ohio

Glass Type

Walls and doors, 3/4” composite panels with a computerized etched pattern in a 40% density. Handrails,1/2” monolithic computerized etched and sealed pattern.

Framing System

Walls, zero detail. Hand rails are in a standard surface mounted handrail base at 4” tall.

Hardware Finish

#4 Brushed stainless steel.

Door Pivoting Hardware

Top: Walking Beam Pivots
Bottom: Floor Closers

Door Sliding Hardware


Door Pulls

1” diameter stainless steel.

Door Locking

Bottom rail patch fittings.

Special Project Notes

This project consisted of 3 floors of classrooms at a leading edge college. The glass allows light to flow in while providing needed privacy. Included in this project were glass handrails and flooring, fabrication services, and field project management services.