Planning Design Research / PDR


D. E. Harvey Builders


Houston, TX

Glass Type

Digital imagery composite panels in the doors, sidelites are a custom multi-surface etched and sealed composite panels with a vertical blind glass pattern.

Framing System

CAP Arch doors are four piece rails at 3 5/8” tall, glass panels are in concealed top and bottom channels, the millwork panels are set in a custom stainless steel top and bottom shoes.

Hardware Finish

#4 Brushed stainless steel.

Door Pivoting Hardware

Center pivoted.
Top: Walking Beam Pivots
Bottom: Floor closers with hold open, at 90 degrees.

Door Sliding Hardware


Door Pulls


Door Locking

Bottom rail locks

Special Project Notes

As one steps out of the elevators upon entering the space, this intriguing entrance to the conference room creates visual impact. Digital images on the four center pivoted doors create one large image when closed. All four doors are connected together so they close and open in unison. This project also contained glass entrance doors, decorative sidelites, digital banners on stainless steel cables, and many other decorative elements. Fabrication and installation services were included as well as the structural steel above the ceiling.