Dynamic Architectural Glass and Furniture


Slide Your Investment


Considered furniture, SysPendTM Systems allow for beneficial tax savings over conventional wall systems. Once installed, they can be reconfigured and relocated to accommodate changing office environment needs. Designed for extended use applications, our precision manufacturing techniques guarantee outstanding functionality, long service life, and ease of maintenance.

Simple Sophistication


Technologically advanced system designs are available in a variety of configurations and require minimal or no overhead bracing. Our unique track system allows doors to open and close in almost complete silence. As well, the elimination of floor tracks enables clear and trip-free entrances. Single and double sliding systems can either open or seal off rooms depending upon your requirements or needs. Raise your office’s level of beauty and elegance with these dynamic products.

Design at a Higher Level


SysPend Office Partition Systems deliver elegance, strength, versatility, and visual impact all at a very cost-effective price. These self-supporting sliding walls generate visual interest within your environment.


CAP Architectural is a subsidiary company of Consolidated Armor Products, LLC.




Structural glass door with all glass sidelites and zero detail.


Thin line aluminum framing.Designed to make the most of today’s smaller offices.


Aluminum framed doors to solid wood doors – when used with thinline framing opens up many opportunities.


Conventional frame shapes scaled down to provide pleasing sight lines.