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SysScribe: Glass Dry Erase Boards


Ideas That Stick




SysScribe, a magnetic glass dry erase board, allows you to fully explore your office layout ideas. Use the glass dry erase boards as walls, dividers, windows and doors. Enjoy completely ghost-free functionality or enhance the experience with the magnetic version. The powerful magnets can hold and display your presentations, awards, maps, articles; any idea you want to make stick in a dramatic way.



Our glass dry erase boards aren’t only about utility; these systems can be customized to fit your taste and style. The glass can be painted any color or etched with your logo, maps, decorative patterns, digital graphics or virtually anything else you can think of. Make SysScribe a stunning addition to your lobby, hallway, conference room or office; the only limit is your imagination.


The glass dry erase board can be applied to any wall, straight or curved and even serve as interesting room dividers when installed as walls or doors. Use any color or texture to compliment your décor or branding effort and create a lasting visual impact. Exclusive Consolidated Armor Products dry-erase markers in three colors and heavy duty magnets complete the system.


CAP Architectural is a subsidiary company of Consolidated Armor Products, LLC.