Laminated Glass in a World of Color


SysTainTM Wall Cladding turns a space into a showroom. Available in an infinite array of colors, metallic and pearlescent finishes, custom graphics, and textured glass. Our backpainted laminated glass is an ideal solution for commercial and residential spaces; the color you specify is the color you see! Reinforce your company’s message in the minds of your customers and clients. Install in elevator cabs, public areas, and office spaces for an unforgettable impression.

Make a Lasting Impression with Textured Glass


SysTain combines glass with color, rice papers, and metallic finishes to create dramatic statements for your environment. Our liquid resin laminate process enables virtually any textured glass product to be laminated for use in locations requiring safety glass where traditional PVB laminates are not possible.

Easy Installation of Glass Panels


Numerous framing options allow you to customize details for job specific conditions. We offer shorter lead times and more affordable options to most other wall cladding systems. SysTain systems are completely fabricated prior to shipment. Installation begins with the attachment of the perimeter framing to the substrate. Then, placement of the glass or other solid surface material completes the process and leaves you with a visually pleasing environment.


CAP Architectural is a subsidiary company of Consolidated Armor Products, LLC.



Color Cast Series

Laminated Glass Adhered to our Rigid Foam Backer meets ANSI Z97.1 & CPSC Category II.

Texture Cast

System Laminated Textured Adhered to our Rigid Foam Backer meets ANSI & CPSC Safety Guidelines.

Public Use Series

Back Painted Glass Adhered to our Rigid Foam Backer, Rated Class A Building Material when tested in accordance with ASTM E84.